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5 Reasons Why Kegged Wine is Better than Bottled Wine

Cellier Wines, a supplier focused on wine in kegs, shipped over 35,000 wine kegs in 2019. 2020 was a different story, but sales have come roaring back this summer. “This is like the ‘Screwcap vs. Cork’ debate of 15 years ago,” says Alex Sirico, the founder of Cellier Wines.

“Tap wine is here to stay because it makes financial and operational sense for by-the-glass wines. Restaurateurs are getting comfortable with higher-end, draft wines. When they realize that a $400 keg of Sancerre or a Napa Cab, equates to a $15.00 bottle with zero waste…they see the value of that offering, with no downside to their bottom line.”


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