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Ready to Drink Margarita Wine Cocktail!

A delicious taste of agave, fresh orange and a slice of lime creates this awards-winning margarita wine cocktail.

CB Flavors.jpg

Classic Lime Margarita

CB Flavors2.jpg

Mandarin Orange

CB Flavors3.jpg

Mango Margarita

CB Flavors4.jpg

Mojito Margarita

CB Flavors5.jpg

Pineapple Margarita

CB Flavors6.jpg

Strawberry Margarita

CB Flavors7.jpg

Watermelon Margarita

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750ML and 19.5L Keg    |    12.7% Alcohol by Volume
Made with 100% De Agave Wine     |    Agave Wine with Natural Flavors 100% Cane Sugar    |    Product of Mexico

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